From Cancer to Health Topics

The following is a list of session topics:

Session 1-Introduces the guidelines for group meetings and discusses the body’s reactions to stressors.

Session 2-Identify’s the signs of stress and tools for reducing it.

Session 3-Learn to increase quality of life by reducing stress, discussing values and introducing mindfulness exercises. We will also learn to recognize signs of severe emotional distress.

Session 4-Learn how to have our needs met through assertive communication, and developing a support network.

Session 5- Discussing diagnosis and developing strategies for coping with fatigue.

Session 6- Use imagery to manage stress and continue with strategies for discussing diagnosis as well as reviewing time management skills.

Session 7- Gives us the opportunity to catch our breath and talk about things that have been important to us over the past 6 weeks.

Session 8-We begin to focus on body image, self esteem and intimacy.

Session 9-We continue to explore sexual issues and self image.

Session 10-Investigate specific types of cancer and treatment. We also begin to address the five steps to problem solving.

Session 11- Focuses on your specific disease and treatment information and reviews the five steps of problem solving.

Session 12- Continue to focus on specific disease treatment and review the five steps to problem solving, and conserving energy.

Session 13- Exercise and increasing daily activity are the focus of this session. We will also review strategies for problem solving.

Session 14- We begin to focus on diet and nutrition.

Session 15- Focuses on diet and nutrition and reviews your 24-Hour Food Journal and notes from last week’s Eating Pattern Chart.

Session 16- Looks at struggles which can arise with diet, nutrition and exercise. We also review coping with fatigue.

Session 17-We will begin to become aware of negative health behaviors.

Session 18-This session begins closure of the intensive phase of your Whole Body Wellness Program. We start to prepare for the maintenance phase which meets once/month.

Session 19-25- Reviewing the past 18 sessions to develop and maintain more advanced whole body wellness skills helping to incorporate a continuous healthy lifestyle.

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