New Visitor Policy Beginning Monday, June 15th

Friday, June 12, 2020

Protocols for Visitation:

  • All visitors will enter through the front door of the hospital
  • All visitors with ED, outpatient departments, and surgery patients will need to remain in their vehicles – if there is a prolonged procedure the visitor may be allowed to use the lobby restrooms after screening and masking
    • Pediatric Patients
      • Visitors are essential for the mental health of pediatric patients. Pediatric patients be allowed one support person.
      • In the case of prolonged hospitalization two designated support persons for Pediatric patients, provided that only one visitor is present at a time.
    • Labor and Delivery Patients
      • The presence of a partner or support person is essential to the mental health of patients who are in labor and delivery. One support person be allowed to be present with the patient.
    • Patients at End-of-Life
      • One visitor be allowed to be present with the patient.
    • Patients with Physical, Intellectual, and/or Developmental Disabilities and Patients Cognitive Impairments
      • The presence of a support person is essential to patients with physical, intellectual, and/or developmental disabilities and patients with cognitive impairments. One support person will be allowed to be present with the patient when medically necessary.
      • For hospitalized patients, especially with prolonged hospitalization, the patient or family/patient representative may designate two support people, but only one support person may be present at a time.
  • All support persons must stay in the room and be asymptomatic for COVID-19 and not be a suspected or recently confirmed case. Support persons will screened prior to entering clinical areas. Support persons must comply with any health facility instructions on personal protective equipment.