WeCARE!™ Peer Navigator

Your Cancer Friend
Ann Ajari, LCSW, Medical Social Worker
Ann Ajari, Medical Social Worker

About 3 weeks after your breast cancer diagnosis, you should expect a phone call from Ann Ajari, inviting you to the WeCARE!™ Peer Navigator program. She will explain how you can be matched with a breast cancer survivor who will give you personal, friendly, one-to-one support.

Trained at the UC Davis WeCARE!™ Cancer Peer Navigator program, your “cancer friend” is proficient in assisting cancer patients through the diagnosis and treatment process, helping to reduce anxiety and solve problems. Your navigator will share her cancer story with you, suggest coping strategies and ask what kind of help you might need. She can join you at your doctors’ appointments, coach you in understanding treatment options or just meet you for coffee when you need a break.

Ann Ajari, a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, has led patient groups throughout her career and facilitates this program by screening the qualified volunteers to ensure an empathetic connection between patient and navigator. She meets with each navigator regularly to discuss patient needs and provide encouragement. She loves being able to help both the patient as well as the survivor process their own experiences. “This program has been ongoing for 7 years. It is very gratifying to hear the positive feedback and to learn that many of the relationships continue through survivorship.”

To learn more about the WeCARE!™ Peer Navigator program at Gene Upshaw Memorial Tahoe Forest Cancer Center, contact Ann Ajari at (530) 582-3249, or aajari@tfhd.com.

Ann Ajari was awarded TFHS 2016 Employee of the Year. Read more about Ann Ajari, LCSW