Tahoe Forest Cancer Committee

The membership of the Commission on Cancer Committee is multidisciplinary, representing physicians from diagnostic and treatment specialties and non-physicians from administrative and supportive services. Committee coordinators, who are responsible for specific areas of cancer program activity, are designated each calendar year. The care of patients with cancer requires a multidisciplinary approach and encompasses numerous physician and non-physician professionals. 

Commission on Cancer Committee members:

Ahrin B. Koppel, MD, Medical Director and Medical Oncologist/Hematologist

Melissa Kaime, MD, FACP, Physician Chairman and Medical Oncology

Ellen M. Cooper, MD, CoC Physician Liaison and General Surgeon

Kathleen Legarza, MD, Radiation Division Chair

Thomas Semrad, MD, Medical Oncologist

Michael Powell, MD, Pathology

Thaddeus A. Laird, MD, Radiology

Peter Taylor, MD, OBGYN and Medical Staff Quality Liaison

Jeanne Plumb, MD, Primary Care

Jim McKenna, Cancer Program Administrator

Kelley A. Bottomley, CTR, Cancer Registry, Commission on Cancer Coordinator Quality/Compliance

Cathleen Zoller, American Cancer Society

Lizzy Henessy, Commission on Cancer Community Outreach Coordinator

Kirk W. Ditterich, PsyD., Commission on Cancer Social Services Coordinator

Rebecca Zadig-Escalera, Commission on Cancer Conference Coordinator, Operation Manager

Michelle Larson, Director, Physical Therapy

Karen Aaron, RN, BSN, OCN, CN, BN, Nurse Navigator/Survivorship

Bruno Carlini, Radiation Therapy Manager

Janet VanGelder, RN, Director of Quality

Harry Weis, Chief Executive Officer

Robin Ward, CME, Medical Staff Services

Johanna S. Koch, MD, Palliative Care and Hospice

Hillary Ward, Pharm.D, Pharmacy

Jim Sturtevant, RN, Administrative Director of Transitions

Abby Thomas, MHS, BA-BSN, RN BCPN-C, Clinical Supervisor

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Commission on Cancer Accredited Program